Consilium SCITT


Art x 4
Chemistry x 4
Computer Science x 4
D & T x 2
English x 8
Geography x 2
History x 2
Maths x 8
MFL x 6
Physics x 4
Food technology (salaried) x 1
English (salaried) x 1
Geography (salaried) x 1


Eccles Old Road
M6 8RD


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About Us

Outstanding pupil progress is held at the core of the Consilium SCITT. Our trainees are skilled at observing learning, have an acute understanding of what makes people learn best, and teach intuitively, enabling all pupils to progress ‘beyond expectations’. Our aim is that the trainees, as well as their pupils, will go ‘beyond expectations’ in terms of the progress that they make. Outstanding teaching leads to outstanding progress.

Consilium aims towards the following outcomes:-

To provide outstanding training opportunities for trainees in a range of secondary subjects.

To mentor and coach trainees effectively, guiding their development towards becoming outstanding teachers, experts in their specialist subject.

To develop the future generation of outstanding teachers that will continue on to provide an exceptional level of education to learners, both in and out of Salford.

To ensure all trainees make outstanding progress towards meeting all of the Teachers’ Standards and achieving QTS and PGCE

Below are some of the unique features of the innovative and exciting SCITT:-

A key feature of the course is the time spent in school putting knowledge and pedagogy into practise. The course includes approximately 170 days training, including teaching days in two contrasting schools, as well as a week spent in a primary, in a special school and in a post-16 setting.

A further integral part of the program are the Professional Issues sessions held every Friday, which cover a range of issues both subject specific and more general. These include topic-specific ‘live’ observations and are delivered by a range of subject specialists across a range of educational settings, including visits to a pupil referral unit.

Trainees will receive a mentoring session at least once per week, as well as a formal lesson observation supplemented by developmental observations. The outcomes from observations and discussions inform the weekly target setting.

Targets and progress towards the QTS are reviewed weekly, evidenced through the school experience file, the trainee assessment log and the standards tracking document.

Throughout the year there are four review points as well as a series of assignments based on a range of themes around teaching and learning to complete.

Staff and Team

Partner Schools

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School & Sixth Form
All Hallows RC High School
Harrop Fold School
Ellesmere Park High School
Walkden High School
Buile Hill Visual Arts College
Moorside High School
ESSA Academy
Great Academy Ashton
Summerville Primary School
St Charles RC Primary School
Christ the King RC Primary School
Varna Community Primary School

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