As a teacher or trainee teacher, you’re the type of person who wants to take on fresh challenges, enhance your knowledge and provide a first-rate educational experience for the next generation. Thanks to the internet, you have an Aladdin’s cave of skill-enhancing treasures at your fingertips, but choosing the right ones may seem a gargantuan task in itself. Below are some of our top recommendations for teachers, trainee teachers and prospective teachers.

The TES website is an obvious choice, as it’s the go-to destination for news, jobs, online chat and resources to support you in the classroom and beyond. Many of its downloadable teacher resources are free and the rest are very affordable (teachers supporting other teachers), covering everything from fun spelling activities to ethical questions surrounding genetic selection for astronauts. Thankfully, the site has a search bar that helps you to easily remove content that’s irrelevant to your focus area and get straight to the good stuff, so we highly recommend using it to its full potential.

The Community feature is also a friendly place to chat with other teachers and leaders in the education sector, often covering topics you may not find elsewhere such as workplace dilemmas and tips on health and wellbeing.


Founded by Sir John Rowling, whose impressive teaching career spanned forty years, PiXL is a not-for-profit organisation of over 600 primary schools, 1,600 secondary schools, 500 sixth forms and 75 providers of alternative education. The collective’s shared goal is to raise standards in modern teaching so that students have everything they need to leave school with the best start in life and concrete career goals.

To use this brilliant resource, your school needs to join the PiXL Club. Once a member, we urge you to get involved in its range of programmes, events and conferences, where new ideas are given a voice and energised subject leaders trade actionable wisdom to make every classroom a safe and motivational learning environment.


If you’re looking for lesson plans that engage and inspire, Twinkl is a reliable solution. Created by teachers across the Primary and Secondary curriculums, the variety of topics is truly fantastic.

Twinkl also has a range of Support Communities on Facebook, based by geographical location and theme. So if you’re a teacher in Birmingham, make sure to join the West Midlands Teachers community, and if you want to swap insight into teaching children with hearing impairments, the Sign Language and Teacher of the Deaf groups should prove very useful.

Teachers, what are your favourite teaching resources? There are so many more out there and they vary depending on the subject you teach! Let us know by tagging us on your social media channels! #TeachNorthwest