Half term is upon us, so it’s time to kick back and relax for a while. We’ve put together some top ideas for making the most of your break, which will also help you to return to school with plenty of energy and positivity.

Get out and about

Fresh air and stretching your legs is great for mind, body and soul. It could be something as small as a walk around a local park or as adventurous as driving to the countryside and trekking up and down the hills. Choose an activity that you know you can tackle with ease or set yourself a challenge – either way you’ll give your cardio system a workout and clear your brain of stress and cobwebs.

Be creative

It’s a proven fact that creativity and self-expression help us to grow in confidence and explore ideas. If you already have a hobby, make sure to invest some time into it this half term. If not, try taking up a craft or creative outlet that helps you to unwind and focus, from a bit of doodling or taking photos of interesting places, to joining a local club. If you really can’t get your head out of the classroom, use your imagination to create some exciting new lesson plans and activity sheets.

Spend time with the family

If you have a partner and kids of your own, now’s your chance to enjoy some quality time with them without worrying about super early nights and even earlier mornings. If your free time is still quite limited, find an activity that can be enjoyed as a group, also inviting friends and other members of the family to join you. Whether it’s a meal out or a trip to the beach before the cold weather properly sets in, sharing experiences with loved ones is fantastic for your wellbeing.

Spruce up the house

Forget spring cleaning, it’s all about the half term tidy up! Coming home from work to a household that’s sparkling and in full working order does wonders when you need to chill out, so get into a DIY frame of mind and fix any little bits and bobs that have been bugging you for a while. Simple tasks such as cleaning the oven, changing the bedding and even tightening a toilet seat can give an enormous feeling of achievement, plus it means that your home will be ready to welcome guests for movie and game nights.

Think about why you love being a teacher

Though this is your time off, it’s worth sitting back even just for a couple of minutes and reliving your favourite moments from the last term. What was your proudest achievement? What have you learnt that you can use going forward? Which students have shown the most improvement? By putting a little focus into what went well and which areas can be enhanced, you’ll return to work with a spring in your step and a can-do attitude.

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