Tis the season to be jolly, so here are some tips for having the best Christmas break ever and returning to school in January as fresh as a daisy.

Lounge around and eat naughty things

It’s part of a teacher’s role to encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle, and there’s no better way to teach this than leading by example. However, it would also be very rude to say no to big helpings of roast turkey, turn away that extra mince pie and choose squash over a glass of bubbly, so embrace the season and indulge yourself, then sit back and enjoy a Netflix binge. It’s okay, the kids will never know.

Teach yourself

Teachers have the best career in the world, as they get to help young minds to develop, grow and explore. Now that you have a little time away from the classroom, why not learn something yourself? This can double up as a New Year’s resolution, so download that languages app, whip out that calligraphy set, join that dance group in the local community centre, or do any number of things that will allow you to get stuck into some personal development.

Use stationery and tech for fun

Well, look at you – a week without having to make sure that all of the pencils have been returned to the cupboard and checking that students aren’t watching Crazy Shark remixes when they’re meant to be doing an online maths quiz. Time to fetch your own felt tip pens and doodle away to your heart’s content, then spend the night playing Fortnite because you can sleep in till whenever you fancy.

See as many people as you can

Being a teacher means early mornings and long hours, which sometimes makes it hard to keep in touch with everyone in your life. You’ll most likely be with your nearest and dearest on Christmas Day, but take the festive break as motivation to meet up with other friends for a coffee and visit your neighbours too. If you have mates who live too far away or you’re so popular that there aren’t enough hours in the day to see them all, a text, email or message on social media will show that you’re thinking about them.

Remember all the best bits

You’ve had an extremely busy year that was full of challenges, surprises, achievements and golden moments. This is what teaching is all about and there’s a brand new year just around the corner, so reminisce about your favourite parts and get inspired for 2019!

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