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Manchester Nexus SCITT
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Do you have what it takes to be a role model to thousands of young people?

As a teacher you have the opportunity to change a child’s life forever.
It takes a very special person to be a great teacher. Great teachers love their subjects and inspire young people and their colleagues to love learning too.
They are committed to ensuring every child succeeds, regardless of their background.

Great teachers equip young people with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to make informed choices about their futures.

And have a lot of fun along the way.

About Us

The Manchester Nexus SCITT has developed through the Northern Teaching School Alliance. Blue Coat School as part of the Cranmer Education Trust is the Accredited Provider for ITE and has established a quality assured training model for ITE for Primary and Secondary phases.  All the schools have extensive experience in ITE and are active in school-led system improvement.

The Cranmer Education Trust began recruiting to School Direct in 2012 and has seen the impact that ‘growing our own’ has had on the Alliance of schools and the progress of our students. This is reflected in both the quality of appointments in our schools and the impact on the professional development of all our staff (teaching and non-teaching) in establishing a quality-assured model for ITE. Teaching staff and leaders across the partnership of schools have been directly involved in developing bespoke training programmes, systems and processes for ITE relevant to our contexts.  School-led ITE is now the preferred method of teacher training across our partner schools because it allows us to directly recruit and train high quality candidates, and grow and retain future leaders across the workforce. Collective school involvement in school-led ITE has established close and meaningful working relationships across the partnership of schools. The schools have collaborated together to design training packages relevant to the demands of the education system today.

Establishing the Manchester Nexus SCITT has allowed us to build on these high quality collaborative strategies and make them an integral part of the SCITT offer.  For those that train with the SCITT there is the free offer of the NQT programme. Trainees that also stay employed in the partnership or locality will also have the opportunity to engage with our RQT and Middle Leadership development opportunities.

Staff & Team

I am Assistant Head Teacher with responsibility for the strategic direction of Teaching School activities. This involves working with schools across the partnership to design training to support Initial Teacher Education to Continued Professional Development and Leadership Development.

As Director of SCITT I am responsible for the strategic development of SCITT provision.

I am Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for CPD and Professional Learning at Hollingworth Academy. This involves responsibility for staff training and development at all levels from Initial Teacher Training to Continued Professional Development and Leadership Development.

Previously I have worked in School Improvement for a local authority and am and SLE for CPD and Professional Learning with the Northern Alliance. I am responsible for the quality assurance of our SCITT provision.

I am responsible for providing operational leadership and management for the Manchester Nexus SCITT, particularly focusing on its marketing, growth, and communications.
Prior to working at Manchester Nexus SCITT I worked as Programme Manager at a national education trust, overseeing and facilitating national CPD programmes and specialising in innovative pedagogy from around the world. Before that, I was a SLT member working for the Greater Manchester Challenge providing school-to-school support in secondary English.

Having trained on a school based route myself in Oldham, I am excited to be returning to my passion for delivering high quality Initial Teacher Education in my local area.

I am a Social Science teacher and have been at the Blue Coat School for the last six years. Throughout this time I have gained experience of delivering training and mentoring with NQTs and trainee teachers, as well coaching staff in their practice as mentors.
My responsibilities as an ITE Lead are to deliver sessions from the Professional Studies programme to, and Central Training sessions to SCITT trainees. I also support in the quality assurance process across the partnership of schools.

I am Principal Finance Officer of the Cranmer Education Trust Multi Academy Trust and have been the Business Manager responsible for the finances of the Teaching School and ITE for 3 years.

I am a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser with 30 years experience in the accountancy profession having moved to the education sector 3 years ago

I am responsible for managing the operational day-to-day running of the SCITT secondary programme.

I am a Specialist Leader in Education, Lead Practitioner and have been a teacher of English for 11 years. I am based at The Blue Coat School, Oldham, which is the lead school in The Northern Alliance, and has ties with schools in Oldham, Chadderton, Rochdale, Huddersfield and Stockport. I also act as a Professional Mentor at The Blue Coat School.

I am responsible for delivering School Experience/Teacher Taster days, interviewing candidates and organising Central Training and the Professional Studies programme. I train Professional Mentors and Subject Mentors and am responsible for Quality Assurance across the partnership of schools.

I am responsible for managing the operational day-to-day running of the SCITT primary programme.

I am the Deputy Head Teacher at Christ Church Primary school and a Specialist Leader of Education for ITE. My key responsibilities in the SCITT are to design and deliver the primary programme. I also quality assure provision across the partnership.

Partner Schools

Places are within our Teaching Alliance, and placements will be at one of the following schools:

Manchester Nexus SCITT works with a wide range of partner schools across the region, offering our trainees some of the best and most varied school experience on offer.

Blue Coat School, Oldham . Hollingworth Academy, Rochdale . King James School, Huddersfield . Marple Hall School, Stockport
Hathershaw School, Oldham . Oldham Academy North, Oldham . Saddleworth School, Oldham . Wardle Academy, Rochdale
North Chadderton School, Oldham . Crompton House School, Oldham

Christ Church of England School, Oldham . Hodge Clough Primary, Oldham . St Hilda’s Primary, Oldham . Mayfield Primary, Oldham
East Crompton St. George’s Primary, Oldham . Werneth Primary School, Oldham . St James’ Primary School, Rochdale

Oldham Sixth Form College